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From owning or renting a home and decorating it, to securing it – you need ahlibank’s Home Insurance to protect the structure and your living space  


You have invested time and effort in making your house a home, a place where you can live and relax in peace and safely.  Now, give it the security of our Home Insurance, which covers the following:


  • Buildings, contents and appliances against loss or damage;
  • Fire and allied perils including explosion or implosion, (fire and shock);
  • Aircraft damage;
  • Riots, strikes and malicious damage;
  • Storms, cyclones, typhoons, tempest, hurricanes, tornadoes, flood and inundation, landslides, impact damage and earthquakes; and
  • Theft, home break-in - the contents


  1. Any owner of a flat, apartment or independent building; and
  2. Any tenant of a flat, apartment or independent building occupied for residential purposes only.

Policy Cover

Contents: means household goods, furniture, fixtures, fittings, radio, and television aerials on or in the home, belonging to you or your family.

Building: means your home, built of brick, stone or concrete, roofed with incombustible material (unless otherwise stated in the Schedule), including any domestic garages and outbuildings, swimming pools, terraces, patios, drives, footpaths, wall fences, gates and the owner’s/landlord’s permanent fixtures and fittings situated as stated in the Schedule.

Cover Limit

Sum Insured Limit for Building Cover OMR 150,000
Sum Insured Limit for Contents Cover OMR 25,000
Sum Insured Limit for Personal Belongings Cover OMR 1,500


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What does the Home Insurance Cover?

  1. Home Insurance covers your buildings, contents and appliances against loss or damage.
  2. Fire and allied perils including explosion/implosion, (fire and shock).
  3. Aircraft damage.
  4. Riots, strikes and malicious damage.
  5. Storms, cyclones, typhoons, tempest, hurricanes, tornadoes, flood and inundation, landslides, impact damage and earthquakes.
  6. Theft, home break-in – the contents (the lines only cover the contents that cannot be insured, the registration).

What is meant by "Content"’?

Contents include all household goods & personal effects that belongs to you.

What does "Personal Belongings" mean?

Personal Belongings includes article for personal use that are worn, used or carried by you such: Watches, Jewelry, Mobile Phone & Laptops.

What is the difference between "contents" and "personal belongings"?

Contents are items that remain within the house, while personal belongings are items that may be carried outside the house.

Who can buy the policy?

  • Any Owner of a Flat / Apartment / Independent building which is of concrete.
  • Any tenant of flat /Apartment/Independent building occupied for residential purposes only.

What are the documents required for buying Home Insurance?

  • ID Card copy
  • Mulkiya if any

Do I need to give you a list of all my personal belongings and contents?

You do not have to list all your personal belongings and contents.

Should I insure the contents of my home and personal belongings even if I am a tenant and not a homeowner? Do I need to insure the building?

Absolutely, Home Insurance offers peace of mind by protecting your assets from unexpected misfortunes such as fire or natural calamities. In terms of building insurance, as you are not the owner, you are unable to insure it.

Can I start my insurance today?

Yes, the insurance can start with immediate effect as soon as you pay the premium.

How do the Insurance premium calculate?

Insurance premium is calculated based on value of the property or content.

How do I pay?

Please visit your nearest ahlibank branch.

When will I receive my policy documents?

The original policy schedule along with the terms and conditions booklet will immediately be handed over to you at the point of sale.

How do I make an insurance claim?

Visit any of the 40 branches of Dhofar Insurance Company for claims. DIC Timing: 08:00am to 05:00pm (Sunday to Thursday).


Home Insurance is a contract between the customer and Dhofar Insurance Company and not ahlibank.​

ahlibank shall not be responsible for the action or decisions of Dhofar Insurance Company, nor shall ahlibank be liable for payment of claims or service under this coverage.

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