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Brokerage Services

Investment Banking
Investment Banking


Navigate the world of securities with ahli Brokerage; secure your local and regional transactions with our top market researchers and industry analysts

ahlibank Brokerage is a licensed broker by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) on Muscat Stock Exchange (MSX). It has been ranked among the top 5 brokers in terms of market share in Oman, and the top ranking of ‘Over the Counter (OTC)’ volume.

Key Features

  • Access all the seven GCC markets for local and foreign high net worth individuals, Pension Funds and institutional clients;
  • Clients have full access to in-house research;
  • Executes orders through Bloomberg EMXS;
  • Licensed to offer client Margin Trading on selected MSX listed stocks; and 
  • Ongoing assessment and adding new geographies and trading platforms for clients.

Contact us

For any further information, please contact:

(+968) 2457 7881
(+968) 2457 7882​​​​​​

[email protected]
Reach us by post:
P.O Box 545, PC 116, Mina al Fahal

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Comprehensive custodial and fund administration services, including:

  • Maintaining separate client-wise accounts with client portfolio details;
  • Holding or arranging to hold clients’ financial instruments in safe custody;
  • Arranging settlement for the sale or purchase of any securities;
  • Monitoring corporate actions and notify clients daily;
  • Calculating and collect income from securities held, monitoring any disparities;
  • Providing information on the underlying companies, including the Interim and Annual General Meetings;
  • Sending detailed account statements and portfolio reports on a daily basis to clients; and
  • Managing transactions by closely monitoring cash positions and performing foreign exchange transactions, if required.


ahlibank Brokerage also provides selective research coverage for Omani companies, combined with macro research.  Services include:

  • Equities Research: Providing up-to-date and comprehensive bottom-up coverage of equities across Oman and selected equities across GCC; and
  • Macro Research: Analysis of GCC economies, providing context and top-down macro expectations for the region, key equity themes, and market performance.

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