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Government Banking Services

Seize opportunities to manage your assets and liabilities with ahlibank’s solutions for Government Banking Services.


ahlibank Government Banking Services offers you a choice of products that provide deposit accounts with a wide array of flexible features to suit your specific needs.  The Government Banking Services’ main task is to promote and manage asset and liability solutions for government and semi-Government sectors. 



You can avail the following account options:

Current Account.

This is an operational account that can be opened in various currencies with the following key features:                 

  1. Highly competitive foreign exchange rate;
  2. Preferential pricing on telegraphic transfers;
  3. Issuance of cheque books;
  4. Business to Business – B2B;
  5. Corporate internet banking (ahliNET);
  6. Remote Deposit Capture (RDC);
  7. Point of sale; and
  8. Daily email service for the required exchange rates.

Call Account

A flexible account that enables access to your funds whenever you need them, whilst providing attractive rates of interest calculated on your daily balances.  You can choose to receive interest at periodic intervals, and also avail the balance order facility, which will be linked with your company’s current account.

Fixed Term Deposits

Through Fixed Term Deposits, you will receive attractive rates of interest for a fixed term.  You will earn that same rate for the duration of deposit period, ranging from minimum of 1 month up to 5 years.

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