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Children's Savings Account

Personal Banking
Kickstart Your Child's Savings Journey with ahlibank

Children's Savings Account

Help shape your child’s financial future by introducing them to the joys of saving early. ahlibank’s Children’s Savings Account, is more than just banking; it is an investment in your children’s future.



  • No minimum balance charges
  • Designed for customers age 0 – less than 18
  • Debit cards issuance for ages 13 – 18*
  • Cash deposit facility
  • View transaction through mobile app “View only”


  • Guardian ID copy (for all Omani nationals)
  • Passport copy (for expatriates)
  • Child Passport or Birth certificate or National ID
  • Utility bill (for proof of address)

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can open the account?

Any parent or guardian, Omani and expatriate above the age of 18 can open a Children’s Account

  • Will the bank issue a card for children account?

The bank can issue a debit card for minors between the age of 13 – 18 years old.

  • What is the maximum daily limit for minor account?

The maximum daily limit of OMR 50 and maximum monthly withdrawal limit of OMR 200.

  • What is the minimum balance required to open the childrens account?

No minimum balance is required

  • Can I create a standing order for my children account?

Yes, you standing order is available “If required”

  • Can I perform transactions using my children account?

No, the account is view only in the mobile banking

Use ahlibank mobile banking to open a children’s account and let’s embark on this savings journey together. 

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