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Trade Finance

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Solutions for all your trade finance requirements

Business Banking Services - Trade Finance

Find solutions for all your trade finance requirements with our Trade Finance team, your one-stop-shop for trade requirements.

We have an experienced and dedicated centralized Trade Finance Department at our Head Office, manned by experienced personnel, with in-depth knowledge.  Our mission is to be a one-stop-shop for all your trade finance needs.

So, if you have a trade finance requirement, we will have the right solution and service for it.  Just enlist expert help from one of our specialists to efficiently manage your local and cross-border transactions.  Our trade products and services will also help you overcome the complexities of Global Trade Transactions.



Trade Finance Banking Services

ahlibank’s Trade Finance provides the following services with the unsurpassed turnaround time at competitive pricing:

Export Services

  • Advising of Export Letters of Credit;
  • Confirmation of Export Letters of Credit;
  • Handling of Export Documents under Collection; and
  • Export Bills Negotiation/ Discounting.

Letters of Guarantees

  • Bid Bond Guarantees;
  • Performance Guarantees;
  • Payment Guarantees;
  • Advance payment Guarantees; and
  • Cross Border Guarantees (Counter Guarantee).

Import Services

  • Opening of Import Letters of Credit;
  • Handling of Import Bills under collection;
  • Advance Payments for Imports/ Direct Import bills;
  • Avalisation / Co-acceptance of Import Bills;
  • Import Finance (Loan against Trust Receipts); and
  • Shipping Guarantees.

Along with our strategic partners, we can provide an extensive network for any trade finance requirements and advisory services across world.  With our worldwide reach, trained and friendly Foreign Trade and Treasury team, we are committed to meeting your Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange requirements by providing quick, efficient, and customized services.

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