How do I order an ATM/Visa Debit Card?

To order an ATM/Visa Debit Card please visit one of our branch locations or contact our Customer Service Center at 24577177

What is your check hold policy?

Our policy is to follow CBO regulations. Availability of some types of check deposits is delayed; the amount of the delay depends on the type of check. During the delay, you may not withdraw the funds in cash and we may not use the funds to pay checks that you have written. Please remember that even after we have made funds available to you, and you have withdrawn the funds, you are still responsible for checks you deposit which are returned to us unpaid.

Who can I contact if I have a question on my account and when are they available?

Our Customer Service Center is available 24/7. You can contact them on 24577177 You may also access your account information 24 hours a day using our IVR voice response system at 24577177. To access either Customer Service Center or our the IVR voice response system dial 24577177. Account information is also available 24 hours a day through our Online Banking system. Click here to log in. Not enrolled? Click here

How do I activate my Visa® Debit Card?

In order to activate your Visa® Debit Card please call 24577177. You will be walked through the activation process, which takes only a few minutes.

How do I receive a Wire Transfer?

To receive funds from another bank, you will need the information provided below.

Please note there might be an incoming Wire Transfer fee charged to the account the funds are deposited into.

Receiving Bank Name: ahlibank
Swift Code: AUBOOMRU
Beneficiary Bank Name: Name of bank sending funds
Beneficiary Bank Account Number: Name on Account sending funds
Account Name: Name on account receiving funds
Account Number: Account receiving the funds

What should I do if my account information/card has been lost or stolen?

If your account information/card has been lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Service Center at 24577177 to report the loss. We will lock your account to guard against any unauthorized use. Once you are able, please visit your nearest branch location to replace your information and obtain new cards and pins.

How do I change my mailing address?

We offer numerous ways for you to change your mailing address. You may stop at one of our branch locations, contact Customer Service at 24577177, use Online Banking or send a letter with your request to the address below. If you choose Online Banking, please log-in to your Online Banking account and look for the Change Address link in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and follow the proceeding directions.

Operations Department
PO Box 454, P.C 116
Mina Al Fahal, Oman
If you choose to write a letter, your request should include:

  • Your printed name
  • Signature
  • Old address
  • New address

Once we have received your request, your address will be updated in our system within 3 to 5 business days.

Can I open a new account online?

We currently only open accounts at our branch locations. To find a branch near you, please click here.

I have forgotten my Online Banking Access ID or Password.

If you have forgotten your Online Banking Access ID please contact our Customer Service Center at 24577177 for assistance. If you know your access ID but have forgotten your password, visit our home page at https://ahlibank.om Go to the internet banking menu and Click on the “Forgot Password?” link in the right corner. Fill out the two step form: Your password will be emailed to the address you have provided for Online Banking. If you have not received your password via email within an hour of submitting or if you know your email address is not current in Online Banking, please contact our Customer Service Center at 2477177 for assistance.

How do I enroll into Online Banking?

For first time enrollment in Online Banking:

  • Visit our website at https://ahlibank.om Go to the internet Banking Option
  • Click on the “Don’t Have an Ahlibank IB Account” button located in the right corner of the page.
  • A new window displaying our Online Banking Disclosure opens.
  • Please read through the disclosure carefully and if you agree to the terms, click the “I Agree” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once the “Accept” button has been clicked, a new window is displayed.
  • Maximize this screen so it is the size of your computer monitor.
  • Complete the required fields and click the “Submit” button.

How do I order past statements or check copies?

The fee for copies can be found on our Services & Price Guide page. If you agree to these charges and would like to proceed with your request, please visit your closest ahlibank branch.

In your request, please indicate that you agree to the charges. For statement copies, please indicate the month(s) and year(s) of the statement(s) you are requesting. For check copies, please indicate the check number(s), amount(s) and date(s) the check cleared your account.

Our operations department will mail your copy(ies) within 3 to 5 business days from the date your request is received.

How do I place a Stop Payment?

There are three ways that a Stop Payment can be placed:
Visit one of our local branch locations to complete the paper work to place the Stop Payment. OR
Our IVR system is available 24 hours a day to place a Stop Payment. Call 24577177.
Stop payment orders on checks will remain in effect for 6 months after the date accepted and will automatically expire after that period unless renewed.

How do I send a Wire Transfer?

If you would like to transfer funds to an outside financial institution though a Wire Transfer, please stop by your local branch. Please note, there will be a fee to send a Domestic or International Wire Transfer. For our current rates, please refer to our Services & Price Guide