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ahliB2B (Business-to-Business) platform is an automated banking platform that enables corporates to seamlessly perform various financial activities; such as, payroll management, cash flow management and executing transactions domestically and internationally. The ahliB2B portal was designed to exclusively integrate with your ERP system upon your request and effortlessly adapt to your requirements. By opting for our ahliB2B Platform, we will ensure that you can execute online payment transfers and enable you to manage your financial records conveniently and swiftly.


  • Proficiently adapts with complex approval workflow matrix.
  • Enables corporates to execute PASI and utility bill payments.
  • Supports bulk payments, vendor payments, payrolls and receivables.
  • Generates real-time financial reports and records.
  • Reduces administrative paper works.
  • Highly time and cost effective.
  • Adequately automated and secured.
  • Enables seamless cash flow management.
  • Boosts operational efficiencies.
  • Displays instant notifications of account activities via email and SMS.
  • Host-2-Host ERP Integration capabilities.

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1.How can I register on the ahliB2B platform?

You can fill in the ahliB2B application available on the download link and submit the application to your Relationship Manager/Branch Manager.


2.Who is eligible to register on the ahliB2B platform?

Corporates with a complex approval matrix / Host-to-Host ERP Integration capabilities are eligible to register on the ahliB2B Platform.


3. Does this platform operate 24/7?

Yes, the application operates around the clock.

4. What should I do if my user gets locked?

Contact your Relationship Manager/Branch Manager.

5. What should I do if I forget my password?

Contact your Relationship Manager/Branch Manager.

6. How can I view the status of my transactions?

You may check the status of transactions through the applications in built reports (Batch Status Report), as well as through application generated email notifications.


7. How can I get a swift confirmation/Payment Confirmation?

Swift confirmations are available to be downloaded after confirmations are received by the bank. Payment confirmations can be download as payment advices available within the account services.


8. What are the different types of reports that I can generate from the platform?

There are multiple types of reports that can be generated through the platform which include various generic as well as audit reports.