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MySmart Account

Capitalize on the high interest rates of MySmart Account and enjoy the flexibility whilst retaining your accrued interest.

MySmart Account allows you to enjoy the benefits of high-interest rates whilst allowing you the flexibility of withdrawing part of your deposit without any interest penalties.


  • Competitive Interest Rates paid on monthly basis;
  • Day-to-day checking account with the flexibility of unlimited transactions;
  • Easy access to your money with a debit card; and
  • 24/7 cash management via e-banking and mobile banking.





  • Minimum Deposit Amount of RO 5,000; and
  • Exclusively for individuals and sole proprietorships.


Deposit (RO) Monthly paid interest rate*
RO 0 – RO 4,999 0%
RO 5,000 – RO 49,999 1.5%
RO 50,000 – RO 99,999 1.75%
RO 100,000 above 2.75% ​

* Subject t​o Change

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