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ahliRDC (Remote Deposit Capture) is an automated service that supports cheque presentment and reconciliation. It enables corporates to scan cheques and transmit ECC data back to the bank to clear the cheque and assist clients in recording transactional records. With ahliRDC, your corporate can experience banking in-house without the hassle of frequently approaching the bank.


  • Reduces transportation costs and risk.
  • Scan and process up to 99 Cheques in one go.
  • Enables corporates to have in-house control.
  • Supports liquidity management.
  • View Cheque status on same day and online.
  • Export MIS report for cleared and returned cheques.
  • Enhances cash flow management.

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1. How many cheques can I scan at one time?

Depending on the RDC Device, up to 50 or 99 Cheques.

2.When am I expected to send the ECC data back to the bank?

Depending on the agreement with your Relationship Manager/Branch Manager.


3. Which type of scanners are available at the bank?

Please get in touch with your Relationship Manager/Branch Manager to enquire on which machines are currently available.

4. What are the charges imposed for acquiring the RDC software?

Depending on the agreement with your Relationship Manager/Branch Manager.

5.What are the charges of the RDC implementation and training?

The RDC Implementation and Training is free of cost.

6. What the charges of the RDC maintenance?

The RDC Scanner Maintenance is free of cost.

7. What type of VPN does the bank use to integrate our networks?

Site-to-Site VPN.​

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