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Corporate Internet Banking, also known as ahliNET is an online portal exclusively designed to assist corporates in performing seamless online payments and stimulates a clearly structured method in managing cash flows systematically. ahliNET was designed to adapt with simple authorization matrixes, equivalent capabilities in tailoring the system to your requirements. We have ensured that we can deliver the best digital experience for your business in the most simplified way possible.


  • Simple user access control.
  • Generate and download statements via Excel, PDF and Email Format.
  • Enables corporates to execute PASI and utility bill payments.
  • Request Cheque books instantly.
  • Supports bulk payments, vendor payments, payrolls and receivables.
  • Access to the balance, available balance and statement history around the clock.
  • Reduces administrative paper works.
  • Keep track of banking facilities.
  • Access to Swift Confirmations.
  • Highly time and cost effective.
  • Bilingual interface.
  • Displays instant notifications of account activities via email and SMS.

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How can I register on ahliNET?

You can fill in the ahliNET application form available on the download link and submit the application to your Relationship Manager/ Branch Manager.

Who is eligible to register on ahliNET?

All corporates holding accounts in ahlibank are eligible for registering on ahliNET.

Does this platform operate 24/7?

Yes, the application operates around the clock.

What should I do if my user gets locked?

Contact your Relationship Manager/ Branch Manager.

What should I do if I forget my password?

Contact your Relationship Manager/ Branch Manager.

Can I upload salaries through ahliNET?

Yes, you can upload salaries through ahliNET WPS Salary module.

Can I pay my bills through ahliNET?

Yes, you can pay all your bills through ahliNET Bill Payments Module.

How can I request chequebooks through ahliNET?

You can request checkbooks through the E-Services Module available on the main menu.