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Easy Payment Plan

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Convert your credit card purchase into an installment plan with 0% interest

Easy Payment Plan

Embrace the luxury of breaking down your credit card expenditure into manageable monthly installments. Choose a repayment period of 3, 6, or 12 months, seamlessly and stress-free.

Wondering how to access this service? It’s simple! Make an eligible purchase with your ahlibank credit card at any merchant and convert use either one of the below ways:

  • You will receive an SMS containing a link to convert your transaction into installments. Simply click the link, select the most convenient repayment term for you, and your transaction will be converted! You will receive a confirmation of the successful conversion immediately. Be aware though, the link is only valid for 48 hours and the Easy Payment Plan (EPP) service won’t be available if the link expires.
  • Go to your Mobile banking and view your credit card statement. The sentence “convert into EPP” will appear on the eligible transaction. Simple click the sentence, select the most convenient repayment term for you, and your transaction will be converted!


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You can check your installment details in your subsequent credit card statement after converting the transaction into EPP. Once the conversion is completed, the installment amount will be reserved from your existing credit card limit, and with each passing month the limit available on the card will increase proportionately with every installment settled by cardholder. Please note, certain fees are associated with setting up the EPP based on the selected tenure.



One-time fee

3 Months


6 Months


12 Months

OMR 10

Remember, you can only have one active installment plan at a time. However, you’re eligible for another plan after making a full repayment of your existing plan. To cancel the EPP service, you’ll need to visit any ahlibank branch after completing the full repayment of your existing plan.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum eligible transaction amount: OMR 100
  • Eligibility is exclusive to online transactions and POS.
  • All ahlibank credit cards are eligible for EPP
  • ATM withdrawals are not eligible for EPP
  • Sufficient credit card limit is a prerequisite
  • EPP is available at all merchants


How does availing EPP affect my Credit Card limit?

The credit card limit will decrease by the purchase amount designated for EPP. As each monthly installment is settled by the cardholder, the available limit on the card will incrementally increase.

Are there any additional documents required to access this service?

No additional documentation is necessary to avail this service.

Do I need to inform the merchant that I intend to avail ahlibank’s EPP?

Not at all! The merchant plays no role in this process.

Where can I find my installment details?

Your monthly credit card statement will feature a table showcasing your installment plan details.

How does repayment work?

On your monthly payment date, the minimum payment amount along with the installment amount will be deducted from your account.

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