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Asset Management

Investment Banking
Investment Banking

Asset Management

Convert your investment goals to reality with ahli Asset Management services; our team will assist you to achieve your long-term financial goals whilst mitigating risks.

From local to global, our focus is to optimize your risk-adjusted returns.  As one of the leading investment managers in the Sultanate, ahlibank Asset Management is committed to achieving your investment objectives; we calibrate investment products and services with your risk appetite to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

With over 15 years of experience in managing Global and GCC markets across asset classes, our investment professionals are equipped to provide you with global market views and offer a wide range of investment strategies that cater to your interests and risk appetite.

ahlibank has a disciplined Investment Philosophy, Process, and Risk Management Framework in place to generate superior returns across market cycles.

  • Investment Philosophy – We rely on bottom-up stock picking with a disciplined long-term approach to investment.  We look for quality companies with long term competitive advantages, and believe in owning our best ideas, independent of the index.
  • Investment Process – Our Investment Process is driven by in-depth fundamental analysis to identify high-quality companies within our investment universe that will generate superior long-term returns for clients.
  • Risk Framework – Internal and External oversight from Central Bank of Oman, Capital Market Authority, and Auditors.  We uphold strict controls across Portfolio Risk, Operational Risk, and Business continuity to ensure fiduciary responsibilities to our clients.

Our products and services:

Equity Flagship Fund: ahli Global Equity Fund

The ahli Global Equity Fund is our flagship fund with objective to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of high quality stocks with sustainable competitive advantages listed in the GCC and internationally.

Money Market: ahli Islamic Money Market Fund

The ahli Islamic Money Market Fund seeks to achieve liquidity and short term income generation by investing in short-term Islamic money markets and liquidity instruments.

Tailored Investment Products: Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

Our in house Discretionary Portfolio Management Services is built to tailor to your financial goals and needs, based on a review of your current portfolio, preferences, and objectives.  We can provide an appropriate investment strategy aligned to your overall goals across multiple asset classes and launch a strategy that can be directly accessed by our investment specialists, here at ahlibank, whom make the decision on your behalf.  Our investment specialist focus on mitigating risk, seeking growth opportunities, and reducing the impact of taxes where appropriate.


Our investment specialists also work across the clock in different time zones to facilitate your investment transaction seamlessly and provide you with timely and daily input on market behavior and actions.


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ahli Global Equity Fund

add ease and convenience to your investment plans with our Global Equity Fund; we assure professional management of your funds.

ahli Global Equity Fund is the first Fund of its kind – regulated by Oman’s Capital Market Authority (CMA) to provide you with an attractive platform to invest in global markets.  The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of high-quality companies, listed on international exchanges, offering ‘Growth-at-a-Reasonable-Price’.

Key Features:

  • Actively managed to offer diversification across geographies and sectors;
  • Superior risk-adjusted returns;
  • Proven investment process that is driven by bottom-up stock selection;
  • Experienced investment management; and
  • Competitive Fees.

The ahli Global Equity Fund is suitable for investors who are looking to generate sustainable long-term returns. 


ahli Islamic Money Market Fund

Attain attractive Sharia Compliant returns with ahli Islamic Money Market Fund, a strategy that seeks to achieve liquidity and short term income generation by investing through short-term Islamic money markets instruments in OMR and USD. Short-term securities includes Sukuks with residual maturity less than 1 year, Murabaha, Wakala, Ijara, and other short term liquidity instruments. The strategy is designed as an alternative to traditional call accounts providing liquidity, preserve capital and generate attractive returns that generally reflect short-term profit rates.

Key Features:

  • Attractive Returns: Unlock Potential for Attractive Returns on your investments
  • Accessible Investment: Get Started with as little as OMR 500, making wealth creation within reach of everyone
  • Flexible Liquidity: Subscribe and withdraw daily giving you the freedom to manage your finances on your term
  • Sharia Compliant: Rest Easy knowing your investments align with Islamic principles, ensuring ethical and responsible financial growth
  • Low Risk: Safeguard your financial future with a low risk investment option


* If you are not an ahlibank customer, a separate form is required. Please contact: +968 2457 7830 / +968 2465 3512​.

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