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Motor Insurance

Premium Insurance Services

Motor Insurance

Enhance the safety of your vehicle with our trusted Motor Insurance package.


We agree that your vehicle is one of your most valued possessions, and we guarantee that with us, your vehicle will be safe against any breakdowns.  Be rest assured of hassle-free service and claim process; we will provide you with a fast track claim settlement.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

  • Accidental collision or degradation;
  • Fire, explosion, or lightning;
  • Natural disasters (STF);
  • Robbery and theft; and
  • Deliberate act of others

Compulsory Insurance (Third Party) Cover

Insurance will cover all that has occurred to the third party, such as death, bodily injuries, material damage and medical expenses.

Services and Additional Features

  • Easy and fast claim processing;
  • Seamless policy issuance process;
  • Vehicles up to 10 years old, from first registration, covered under Comprehensive Plan;
  • UAE cover (optional);
  • GCC cover (optional);
  • AAA card roadside assistance (optional);
  • Agency repair for after first year (optional comprehensive); and
  • Personal Accident addendum (optional third party)– Family.

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What is the criteria to purchase a Motor Insurance Policy?

Our motor insurance policies offer a wide range of cover as per the below:

  1. ahlibank customers who own cars.
  2. The car must be registered in Oman plate to a citizen or legal resident.
  3. Insurance is available to private individuals purchasing new or used vehicles (Saloon/Sedan, 4X4/SUV, Pick Up, Station Wagon, Sports Model vehicles – Private use only).

What are the documents I need to insure my vehicle?

  1. ID Card copy.
  2. Valid driving license copy.
  3. Valid car registration copy for used cars.
  4. Invoice copy from Dealer for New cars.

How do you calculate my insurance premium?

Insurance premium is calculated based on age of the driver as, claims history, location, vehicle value and vehicle type, among others.

Why can’t the insurance and registration be in two different names?

The policyholder should be the registered owner and primary driver of the car with a financial interest in the vehicle.  The traffic department will only register a vehicle in the name of the policy holder stated on the insurance certificate.

How do I make an insurance claim?

Visit Dhofar Insurance Company for claims Timing: 8am to 5pm (Sunday to Thursday) as they have the largest network more than 40 Branches.

When I can get my insurance policy and Royal Oman Police (ROP) form issued?

The ROP form and the insurance policy documents will be issued immediately by authorized Staff of DIC at the bank branch at which you apply, upon payment of the premium.

What is the policy period?

A motor insurance policy is valid for a period of one year and must be renewed at the due date.


Motor Insurance is a contract between the customer and Dhofar insurance Company and not the Ahlibank.

Ahlibank shall not be responsible for the action or decisions of Dhofar insurance Company, nor shall Ahlibank be liable regarding payment of claims or service under this coverage.

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