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Whistleblowing Policy

​​​Ahli Bank SAOG (“Bank”), its governing bodies, Board of Directors and Executive Management, are committed to practicing its corporate values and governance with highest standards of transparency, accountability, ethics and integrity.  To act as a responsible corporate entity and provide an efficacious and healthy work environment, the bank has implemented a Board approved Whistleblowing Policy, to ensure that Ahli Bank’s customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders trust that the Bank practices and showcase the highest level of ethical and moral conduct in all its banking operations.  This policy highlights the procedures and actions to be taken in confidentiality in the improbable event of delinquency, misconduct or illegal behavior is reported.

What is whistleblowing?

“Whistleblowing” means reporting any suspicion of misconduct, wrongdoing, dishonest, illegal or unethical conduct that may occur within the organization.  Whistleblowing can be reported by the organization’s customers, employees, agents, suppliers and contractors in a confidential and anonymous manner through the identified channels provided below.

Purpose of Whistleblowing Policy

The purpose of the Bank’s whistleblowing policy is to encourage all stakeholders to inform the Bank about incidents of unacceptable behavior occurred within the bank and to enhance the transparency for combating practices that might damage Ahli Bank’s reputation.

Such practices can be related to the violation of its policies and procedures, laws, regulations, or threats to public interest, as well as fraud and money laundering.

​The aim of the policy is to offer a reporting mechanism that is independent, objective and confidential, thus making the whistleblower feel confident about raising concerns.

Sometimes, when an individual believes that s/he is whistleblowing, in fact, their issue relates to a personal grievance. Any individual making a disclosure under this whistleblowing policy must believe that they are acting in the public interest.  This means in particular that personal grievances and complaints are not usually covered under this policy.

In order to prevent the abuse of this policy, false allegations or senseless claims will not be entertained.​

What to be reported under Whistleblowing?

  • Conduct that is unethical, illegal, dishonest, fraudulent, unsafe, corrupt or involving bribery / blackmail;
  • Acts of fraud, dishonesty, criminal/civil offenses or injustice;
  • Failure to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation;
  • Acts endangering the health and safety of an individual;
  • Misuse or misappropriation of the Bank’s funds or assets;
  • Material or persistent breach of the Bank’s rules of conduct or internal policies;
  • Manipulation of Bank data or records;
  • Deliberate violation of policies and procedures of the Bank;
  • Theft of confidential or propriety information;
  • Manipulating product sales to achieve targets or incentives;
  • Accepting incentives / bribes, excessive gifts from other persons, both inside or outside the Bank, in return for giving any business on beneficial terms;
  • Maintaining improper financial accounting, reporting and auditing standards;
  • Harassment, discrimination, victimization and bullying;
  • Unsafe work practices, environmental or health risks;
  • Any miscarriage of justice;
  • Deliberate disclosure of information which could result in any of the above; and
  • Covering up wrongdoing in any of the above categories.

Whistleblowing Channels

Email: [email protected]
Contact Numbers: 24653088 / 24577065​​