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Secure your children’s financial future with the new ahlibank Children’s Account

As part of its wide array of innovative and inclusive products and services, ahlibank has introduced its new children’s account. This is in line with the bank’s efforts to raise its customers’ and their children’s financial stabilityThe children’s account from ahlibank offers many features, such as debit card issuance for account holders aged 13-18 years, and cash deposit facility. Parents or guardians, both Omani nationals and expatriates, can open the account for their children below the age of 18 with a quick and simplified process, and can easily monitor the account via the mobile banking app. It is worthy to note that there are no minimum monthly balance fees.

Commenting on the launch of the children’s account, Muneer Al Balushi, AGM – Head of Retail Distribution at ahlibank, said, “At ahlibank, we believe that empowering the dreams of the younger generation is essential for progress. As we unveil our new children’s account, we commit to nurturing financial wisdom from an early age. Through such products we will help cultivate lifelong financial strength and stability. Together, we can plant the seeds of fiscal responsibility and watch our children’s aspirations flourish into a prosperous future.”

“We hope to pave the way for a future with a foundation that will inspire a generation, and many to come. We are nurturing a savings culture in a majority of the community. ahlibank works towards a more financially inclusive future for the Omani youth, and moving forward, we will proudly remain one of the most favoured banks in the country,” Al Balushi added.

In a world that is progressing at a faster pace every day, ahlibank remains committed to fostering financial literacy and responsibility from an early age. The launch of the new children’s account marks a significant step towards empowering the next generation with essential money management skills. By providing a safe and engaging platform for parents & their children to learn about saving, ahlibank is creating a financially secure future for them.

With its host of valuable offers and digital banking services and products, ahlibank strives to achieve greater heights. The bank ensures that it exceeds customer expectations and delivers a holistic banking experience for all age groups.