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ahlibank organizes Summer Camp for employees’ Children

As part of its endeavors to support a healthy work-life balance for its employees, ahlibank held a summer camp initiative for its employees’ children. This is in line with the bank’s efforts to engage its staff and their families in joyous and meaningful activities, thereby keeping them motivated.

Recognizing the need to utilize the Summer school holidays in an effective way, ahlibank implemented such initiatives – like the Summer Camp – to provide engaging fun and educational activities for employees’ children. Such Summer camps aim to offer a chance for children to stay active in safe environments, urge them to be creative, as well as engage and spend quality time with their parents.

Such initiatives fall in line with the Bank’s commitment to nurturing a positive and stress-free environment for its employees. Most parents look for productive ways to keep their child busy during long holidays and by offering them an option of a summer camp at work, ahlibank has gone a step ahead in maintaining a stress free and highly driven environment for its employees who are parents.

ahlibank’s summer camp targeted children of different ages, with plenty of edutainment activities.  While it is fun, it is also project based and about collaborative effort. It offered a wide array of activities that children took part in. It taught skills that are useful to enhance children’s knowledge on savings, inspiring them to find solutions to problems by action.

ahlibank’s people engagement initiatives have always been inclusive of its employees. This unique and transformative initiative by ahlibank underscores its unwavering commitment to fostering holistic growth and development in the communities it serves. The bank remains committed to supporting individuals, and creating a healthy environment for growth, while keeping its employees at the heart of it.