The Key to your dream home

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What a feeling, having a place to call your own. A place that gives you and your family room to grow and enjoy life to its fullest.

MyHome offers you the most convenient home loan plans to suit your needs. With so many attractive features, owning the home you always wanted is no longer a distant dream. Low administration fees and attractive interest rates mean that your monthly commitments can suit your budget.


Current Criteria​
​Minimum Salary
  • Government and Quasi Government Employees RO 300 p.m.
  • Private Sector Employees RO 500 p.m.​​​
  • RO 1​,000 p.m.

​Minimum Age
​21 Years
​Max Age (On maturity or retirement age)
​Omanis: 60 Years.
Expatriates: 55 Years.
​Maximum Loan Amount
​Omanis: RO 250,000
Expatriates: RO 35​,000

​​​​​ Appl​​​y No​w

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