Scholars & Profiles

Scholars & Profiles

Shari’a Supervisory Board (the ‘SSB’)

The Bank’s SSB is an independent body of the Shari’a scholars specialized in Fiqh al Mu’amalat (Islamic Commercial Jurisprudence) and well verse in the Islamic finance industry. The brief profile of the SSB members is mentioned herein below:

Dr. Ahmed Mohiyeldin Ahmed (Chairman of SSB)

Dr. Ahmed Mohiyeldin Ahmed is the Chairman of Shari’a Supervisory Board of Al Hilal Islamic Banking Services, Ahli Bank SAOG. Dr. Ahmed is Head of Banking Research & Studies Department of Bank’s Establishment and Studies, Al Barakah Group, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ahmed holds PhD in Islamic Economics from Um Al Qorah University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ahmed is a leading spokesman of Shari’a and its application in Islamic finance, and has played vital role by serving several Islamic financial institutions with Shari’a supervisory services. Dr. Ahmed has more than twenty years’ experience of Shari’a supervision of Islamic financing institutions and sits on Shari’a Supervisory Board of several Islamic financial institutions including:

  • Member of Shari’a Unified panel , Al Barakah Banking Group

  • Member of the Executive committee , Shari’a unified panel – ABG

  • Member of Shari’a Board of Saudi Egyptian Finance Bank

  • Member of Shari’a Board , RHB Bank Malaysia

  • Shari’a Advisor , Al-Tawfeeq Company for financing lease (Egypt)

  • EX. member of board of directors , Al Tawfeeq and Al – Ameen Company

  • EX. member of the executive committee , Al -Tawfeeq & Al – Ameen Company

  • Expert in the international Islamic Fiqh Academy

Dr. Ahmed is well known for his extensive contribution for the institutionalization of Islamic banking and finance industry through his immense contribution with research, studies and practices.

Mohammed bin Tahir bin Mohammed al Ibrahim

Dr. Mohammed Tahir is a member of Sharia Supervisory Board of Al Hilal Islamic Banking Services, Ahli Bank SAOG. Dr. Mohammed Tahir is currently working as Assistant professor at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). Academically, Dr. Mohammed has a doctorate degree in Constitutional Jurisprudence from Edinburgh University, U.K. His experience includes:

  • Instructor, College of Law; Judge at the Penal Court in Sohar;

  • Judge at the Court of Appeals;

  • Member of the Judicial Inspection Committee at the Penal Court;

  • Member of the Disciplinary Committee at the Penal Court;

  • Participation in developing the Draft Civil Procedures Law – GCC States;

  • Member of the committee that developed the third study plan;

  • Member of the board of the College of Sharia and Law for three terms; Assistant Dean of the College of Law;

  • Member of the Academic Council for SQU and representative of the Teaching Staff;

  • Member of the Safety and Security Committee at SQU; Chairman of HSE Committee at the College of Law;

  • Member of the post graduate studies committee at the College of Law;

  • Organizing courses at the administrative law at the Public Administration Institute;

  • Member of the committee for evaluating Majlis A’ Shura Election

Dr. Mohammed Tahir is a researcher of Legal and Sharia studies and has been supervising masters as well as PhD level research thesis.

Dr. Mustaien Ali Abdulhameed

Dr. Mustaien is a member of Sharia Supervisory Board of Al Hilal Islamic Banking Services, Ahli Bank SAOG.Dr. Mustaien holdes bachelor of Economics and Political Sciences from Um Derman Islamic University in Sudan , MA and Ph.D. in Islamic Economics from the College of Islamic Sharia at Um ul Qura University in Makka from 1985-1992. Dr. Mustaien worked as Shari’a advisor at the Shari’a Board in Al Bilad Bank (2005-2015) and as Sharia Supervisor and Advisors at Al Rajhi Bank, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1995-2005)

Dr. Mustaien contributed in establishing a number of banks, investment vehicles and Takaful insurance companies in both Sudan and K.S.A.

Dr. Mustaien is a researcher of Islamic economics and Shari’a and has contributed a number of researches and studies on Economics and Shari’a to a number of professional institutes and consultancy firms in K.S.A and the Republic of Sudan.

Dr. Abdulrauf Abdullah Hamood Al Tubi

Dr. Abdulrauf is a member of Sharia Supervisory Board of Al Hilal Islamic Banking Services, Ahli Bank SAOG. Dr. Abdulrauf has a PhD in Law from International Islamic University Malaysia, Master of Law – LLM in Law from UK and Bachelor Degree in Sharia Judicial Science. Dr. Abdulrauf is a highly talented, knowledgeable and an experienced Legal Professional. Currently, Dr. Abdul Rauf is working as the Legal Manager and Board Secretary of Abraj Energy Services SAOG and previously he held the following positions:

  • Legal Advisor, The Wave Muscat SAOC, Oman;

  • Company Secretary & Manager Corporate Services, Electricity Holding Company SAOC, Oman;

  • Legal Practitioner & Advisor, Dr. Tariq Al-Bosaidi legal Services & Consultancy Bureau, Oman;

  • Vice-President & Senior legal Counsel of IFA, Malaysia;

  • Director of IT Dept., The Ministry of Interior, Oman;

  • Director of Computer & Statistics Depts. MOI, Oman;

  • In Charge, Human Resource Development Dept., MOI, Oman;

  • Administrator of National E-tally, MOI, Oman;

  • Legal & ICT Trainee & Scholar, the Queens’ University of Belfast, UK;

  • Minister’s Office Staff Member, MOI, Oman;

  • Judicial Trainee, the Primary Court Izki, Ministry of Justice, Oman




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