Asset Management

Asset Management

As a local bank with regional presence, ahlibank Asset Management offers a wide range of investment products and financial services across asset classes and investment styles.

Asset Management provides local and regional portfolio management services, distribution of mutual funds, retirement and savings plans, investment advice, innovative solutions, outstanding execution and comprehensive access to both local and regional capital markets.


ahlibank Asset Management is steadfastly committed to putting our clients’ interests first. This fiduciary responsibility forms the crux of our client partnerships and is the guiding principle of the business. Built on this foundation; we strive to comprehend investment needs, dispense expert advice, implement strategies to garner superior returns and provide holistic solutions.


The wide array of investment options facilitated by Asset Management, offers clients both scope and scale for achieving their strategic objectives. Our approach is to incorporate a wide range of asset classes, and we seek to offer a complete spectrum of solutions.

The ultimate aim of all our service and product offerings are to facilitate with required capabilities and resources needed to carry out the investment strategy or combination of strategies to maximise investment returns.

The Asset Management business functions within a rigorous risk management framework accountable to regulators, stake-holders and most importantly to all our valued clients.


Al Hilal MENA Fund

Date:  17 Apr 2017   –

*NAV (per unit) : 0.851   [*Subscription and redemption price (Excluding Fees)]

**Adj NAV since inception (per unit) : RO 0.901    [**NAV adjusted for cash dividends of OMR 0.050 per unit]