6th Branch of Al Hilal Islamic Banking Opened

6th Branch of Al Hilal Islamic Banking Opened

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Customer confidence and economic boom in Salalah the key drivers behind opening the 6th branch

ahlibank, one of the leading banking institutions in the Sultanate, represented by alhilal Islamic Banking officially inaugurated the 6th branch of Al Hilal Islamic Banking in Salalah Gardens Mall on Sunday June 30th 2013. The opening ceremony was held under the auspices of Engineer Abdul Qadir bin Ahmed Alawi Al Haddad, Acting President of Dhofar Municipality with the presence of a number of customers and senior officials from ahlibank.

The opening of Salalah branch comes as part of alhilal Islamic Banking commitment to provide the best possible sharia complaint products and services across the Sultanate. The new branch, which is the 6th branch being launched by alhilal Islamic Banking Services from ahlibank in 2013 has made the Islamic branch network of the bank the largest in the nation.

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alhilal Islamic Banking managed to capture the confidence of those who seek to have Sharia compliant banking products. The Sharia’a Supervisory Board for ahlibank’s alhilal Islamic Banking Services includes prominent scholars from around the Middle East, comprising Dr. Ali Moheydeen Al Qura Al Daghi, Dr. Fareed Mohd Hadi, Prof. Abdulaziz Qasar and Shaikh Aflah Al Khalili. Based on the tenants of Truth and Transparency the bank offers a number of sharia compliant banking solutions to both individual and corporate customers alike.

Commenting on the opening of the 6th branch in Salalah, AbdulAziz bin Mohammed Al Balushi, CEO of ahlibank said ‘The opening of this branch mirrors ahlibank’s commitment to provide its customers with Sharia-compliant banking products that meet the needs of the customers across the length and breadth of the sultanate. Our strength is that alhilal Islamic Banking services has been launched after long years of experience in providing customers with tailor-made solutions that meet their needs, our branch network now spans from one end of the sultanate to the other to provide the best possible service to all our customers in all regions of Oman”.

“Salalah is a key region for us, it is witnessing a remarkable business growth and economic activity, and it is also a major tourist destination for visitors from the Sultanate, the GCC countries and other parts of the world. It was therefore imperative for alhilal to be present in this key city to expand our customer reach’. said Abdullah bin Salem Al Jabri, Deputy GM and Head of alhilal Islamic Banking.

With the launch of its 6th branch in the Sultanate, alhilal Islamic Banking services now has the largest network of Islamic Banking branches in the country. For more information on the products and services offered you can call on 24577177.